VOX-Pol in the News
January 25, 2021
VOX-Pol expertise has been featured in the news since the storming of the United States Capitol on 6 January 2021. The events, which led to five deaths, sparked a discussion about online deplatforming. VOX-Pol Fellows, such as JM Berger, Bharath Ganesh, Sam Jackson and Maura Conway have been quoted in The New York Times, VOX, ...
VOX-Pol Programme Coordinator presents in Texas
September 28, 2018
On Thursday, 27 September, 2018 the Kozmetsky Center at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas featured VOX-Pol Coordinator, Prof. Maura Conway, for their first event of the 2018-2019 academic year. Prof. Conway’s presentation entitled “Understanding Exploitation of the Internet and Social Media in Promoting Violent Extremism and Terrorism”  drew an interested audience of students and faculty. Prof. Conway’s visit to Austin also included a ...