Bad news travels fast: the co-optation of mainstream media to promote radical and extremist ideologies online
April 10, 2024
By Dr Melissa-Ellen Dowling Note: This blog post is a modified version of the article: Melissa-Ellen Dowling (2024) News to me: far-right news sharing on social media, Information, Communication & Society, 27:1, 39-55. To learn more about this research, please see the original study, available at: DOI: 10.1080/1369118X.2023.2166796. How are extremist political ideologies communicated online? What enables political claims to gain traction ...
Extremism (Re)defined: Online and Wider implications
March 21, 2024
By Lee Jarvis and Stuart Macdonald The growing number of regulatory regimes aimed at moderating online terrorist and violent extremist content, coupled with more informal processes for law enforcement and other state actors to refer such content to tech companies, have been described as the public-private co-production of security. In this context, it is significant ...
VOX-Pol in the News
January 25, 2021
VOX-Pol expertise has been featured in the news since the storming of the United States Capitol on 6 January 2021. The events, which led to five deaths, sparked a discussion about online deplatforming. VOX-Pol Fellows, such as JM Berger, Bharath Ganesh, Sam Jackson and Maura Conway have been quoted in The New York Times, VOX, ...
VOX-Pol Welcomes New Research Fellow J.M. Berger 
June 8, 2018
We’re delighted to welcome J.M. Berger on board as a VOX-Pol Research Fellow. We’re also very pleased to announce that J.M. will launch his new book, Extremism (MIT Press), at a reception during our VOX-Pol conference in Amsterdam  on 22 – 21 August, 2018.  J.M.’s prior publications include, with Jonathon Morgan, The ISIS Twitter Census (2015), with Jessica Stern, ISIS: ...
News coverage of VOX-Pol Mid-Project Conference: Taking Stock of Research on Violent Online Political Extremism
June 29, 2016
State and internet firms join to fight online abuse and incitement Online offences concerning cyber-bullying and sexual exploitation of children must be countered by governments working in partnership with internet service providers, Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald said yesterday. Irish Independent [Friday 24-06-2016] – Click here to read more   “Extremism is no longer an abstract problem. ...