VOX-Pol in the News
January 25, 2021
VOX-Pol expertise has been featured in the news since the storming of the United States Capitol on 6 January 2021. The events, which led to five deaths, sparked a discussion about online deplatforming. VOX-Pol Fellows, such as JM Berger, Bharath Ganesh, Sam Jackson and Maura Conway have been quoted in The New York Times, VOX, ...
VOX-Pol Welcomes New Research Fellow J.M. Berger 
June 8, 2018
We’re delighted to welcome J.M. Berger on board as a VOX-Pol Research Fellow. We’re also very pleased to announce that J.M. will launch his new book, Extremism (MIT Press), at a reception during our VOX-Pol conference in Amsterdam  on 22 – 21 August, 2018.  J.M.’s prior publications include, with Jonathon Morgan, The ISIS Twitter Census (2015), with Jessica Stern, ISIS: ...
News coverage of VOX-Pol Mid-Project Conference: Taking Stock of Research on Violent Online Political Extremism
June 29, 2016
State and internet firms join to fight online abuse and incitement Online offences concerning cyber-bullying and sexual exploitation of children must be countered by governments working in partnership with internet service providers, Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald said yesterday. Irish Independent [Friday 24-06-2016] – Click here to read more   “Extremism is no longer an abstract problem. ...