The EU’s Terrorist Content Regulation: Concerns about Effectiveness and Impact on Smaller Tech Platforms
July 1, 2020
This is the third in a series of posts and responses addressing the EU’s regulation on online terrorist content; the first post is HERE and the second HERE. [Ed.] By Adam Hadley and Jacob Berntsson Terrorist use of the internet is a significant threat that has almost become inseparable from terrorism itself. Terrorist groups use ...
European Commission Online Platform Proposals Puts Onus on Companies
June 8, 2016
By Jens-Henrik Jeppesen On 25 May, the European Commission published a set of proposals and documents under the umbrella of its Digital Single Market strategy. Among them is a Communication on ‘Online Platforms and the Digital Single Market Opportunities and Challenges for Europe’. This sets out the Commission’s conclusions and proposed actions based on its Platforms Consultation, which ...