Academia is Lagging Behind When It Comes to Online Extremism and Terrorism Researcher Welfare
November 16, 2022
By Dr Elizabeth Pearson Terrorist propaganda videos, extremist narratives, child sexual exploitation images. These are amongst the materials that content moderators across social media platforms deal with on a daily basis. They’re also materials that academic researchers engage with in order to better understand particular forms of online crime. Over the past decade, the emotional ...
Online Extremist Ecosystems? Reflections from a Critical Cross-Disciplinary Discussion
November 2, 2022
This article summarizes a panel from the Terrorism and Social Media Conference 2022 hosted by Swansea University. By Mr Jade Hutchinson State of play Networks of organisms and their relationship with different environments are difficult to theorize. Natural sciences are abundant in terms and concepts to articulate the emergent complexity of evolving networks, their processes ...