JeSuisCharlie was one of the most viral hashtags in history – here’s why it wouldn’t happen today
January 17, 2024
By Emma Connolly, The Open University It will be nine years on January 7 since a shooting at French weekly satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo killed 12 and injured 11 of its employees. The attack led to an immediate and unprecedented outpouring of solidarity around the world. Much of this support was organised online, using the ...
Trolling and doxxing: Graduate students sharing their research online speak out about hate
December 20, 2023
By Alex Borkowski, York University, Canada; Marion Tempest Grant, York University, Canada, and Natalie Coulter, York University, Canada An increasingly volatile online environment is affecting our society, including members of the academic community and research they pursue. Graduate students are especially vulnerable to online hate, because cultivating a visible social media presence is considered essential ...
VOX-Pol Stands with CEU
April 4, 2017
 Update 05/04/2017 Yesterday, 4 April 2017, the Hungarian parliament passed the amendment to the Higher Education law that makes the operation of Central European University impossible or in permanent threat in Hungary. With all members of the ruling Fidesz party of Viktor Orban voting a mandatory “yes”, the law passed with 123 votes for and 38 votes ...