Terror, Territory and Quality: How Monitoring Propaganda Videos Provides Insight into the Taliban’s 2021 Occupational Control of Afghanistan
October 26, 2022
By Daniel Siegel and Mary Bennett Doty U.S. troop withdrawal & Taliban mobilizations In 2011, despite concerns about the Afghan government’s capacity to secure its territory, President Obama set a timeline for the withdrawal of U.S. combat troops. Subsequently, the Trump and Biden administrations backed further efforts to reduce troops in Afghanistan. While military experts ...
Book Review: Jihadi Audiovisuality and Its Entanglements
May 5, 2021
Want to submit a blog post? Click here. By Eurasia Review A new book looks at the use of audiovisual media by jihadi groups and their supporters as well as at how these contributions are being countered Recent attacks by jihadists in Kabul, Dresden, Paris, and Vienna have brought the problem of Islamist terror back into ...