My Wish to be a #Tradwife: An Introduction to #tradwife Memes on Whisper
June 7, 2023
By Ninian Frenguelli and Amy-Louise Watkin Research into online extremist behaviour is centred around Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, 4chan, Telegram, and Gab. Studies focusing on platforms where image sharing is the purpose (rather than text or video sharing) are generally underrepresented in the literature on online extremist content. Twitter, Facebook and YouTube account for 55%, 35% and 8.7% of the studies ...
Extreme Wives: A Gender Analysis of Online Extremism—the Case of Jihadi Brides and Tradwives
May 4, 2022
By Marco Farucci The events of January 6th showcased the strength of online communities and their ability to transfer extremist ideologies from the online to the offline world. Online extremism usually takes the form of violent, racist, and misogynistic content on social media. The business models of social media platforms are designed with ‘suggesting mechanisms’ ...
We Should Pay More Attention to the Role of Gender in Islamist Radicalization
November 1, 2017
By Elizabeth Pearson and David Sutcliffe One of the key current UK security issues is how to deal with British citizens returning from participation in ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Most of the hundreds fighting with ISIS were men and youths. But, dozens of British women and girls also travelled to join Islamic State in Syria ...
Women’s Roles in Terrorism and Women Fighting Back
March 8, 2017
By Anne Speckhard, Ph.D. On International Women’s Day it seems important to recognize strong women and the unique characteristics of women to play important roles in defeating terrorism. In the past days, taking part in the Institute for Defense Studies and Analysis Combating Terrorism Conference in New Delhi, India, I had the opportunity to meet and listen to ...
Women’s Key Role in Islamic State Online Networks, Explained
October 5, 2016
By Neil Johnson In early September, three women were arrested in Paris for attempting to detonate a car bomb outside Notre Dame cathedral. “If at first it appeared that women were confined to family and domestic chores by the Daesh terrorist organization, it must be noted that this view is now completely outdated,” François Molins, a ...