Dr. Maura Conway Contributes to OII and Google Internet Leadership Academy

VOX-Pol Coordinator Dr. Maura Conway (DCU) participated in a panel discussion at the final day of the Internet Leadership Academy in Dublin on 4 December.

The Academy was convened by our VOX-Pol partner, the Oxford Internet Institute (OII), together with Google, with the aim of providing an objective overview of all sides of the major policy debates shaping Europe’s digital future. The course engaged 20-plus politicians, policymakers, business leaders and others from 16 countries across Europe for a combination of virtual lectures and real-time online discussions.

Dr. Conway contributed to a panel discussion dedicated to the future trajectory of the digital policy horizon, with co-panelists Prof. TJ McIntyre (University College Dublin) and Prof. Brian O’Neill (Dublin Institute of Technology). The session addressed a broad range of policy challenges and opportunities, including online extremism and boundaries of legal and illegal speech, emerging trends in judicial or policy interventions on privacy and data protection, and other internet-related issues.

For more on the Internet Leadership Academy, click here.

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