Europol Workshop on Global Right-wing Extremism

More than 100 participants from national agencies, EU institutions and agencies, and international organisations gathered at Europol’s headquarters in the Hague, Netherlands, on Tuesday, 10 December to take part in a closed workshop on the contemporary dimensions of right-wing extremism and terrorism.

The speakers were selected and invited by the ECTC Advisory Network on Terrorism and Propaganda of which our Coordinator, Prof. Maura Conway (Dublin City University), is a member.

The workshop consisted of two panels, one on ‘Right-wing Extremist Narratives and Symbols’ and the other on ‘The Right-wing Extremist Online Ecosystem and Networking.’ Both Prof. Conway and VOX-Pol’s Dr. Bharath Ganesh (University of Groningen) contributed to the latter panel. Prof. Conway spoke about the principal platforms and technologies composing the global right-wing extremist ecosystem, while Dr. Ganesh’s presentation was entitled ‘The Populist Radical Right Online: Laundering White Backlash and Right-wing Extremism.’

The other panellists were Matthew Feldman (Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right), Cynthia Miller-Idriss (American University), Daniel Koehler (Ministry of the Interior of Baden-Württemberg, Germany), and Lisa Kaati (Swedish Defence Research Agency).

The tiles and synopses of all six presentations are accessible here.

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