Joint VOX-Pol-TechAgainstTerrorism Dublin Start-up Workshop

A joint VOX-Pol-Tech Against Terrorism Dublin Start-up Workshop was held on 7 September 2017 at Dublin City University’s DCUAlpha Innovation Hub. Attendees included representatives from the security, financial technology, and academic sectors.

The event kicked off with an overview of Tech Against Terrorism and its purpose and activities. The second session focused on what companies should include, and prioritise in their Terms of Service. The final session focused on content take-down.

Intense discussion was generated around the difficulty of defining ‘extremist’ and ‘terrorist’ content. The different approach of European countries, including especially Germany, to hate speech and related content versus the position of the United States on this was also raised.

Silicon Republic published a related article by Colm Gorey on 7 September entitled ‘Online Counter-terrorism Workshop Raises Big Questions for Irish Start-ups’, which can be accessed here.

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