Third Biennial Conference Keynote Speaker

We are delighted to have Mina al-Lami as the keynote speaker at our upcoming conference in August.

Mina al-Lami heads the long-established team of online jihadism experts at BBC Monitoring (BBCM). She is the editor of BBCM’s Jihadism page that features daily reports and insight on jihadist developments, trends, profiles and online platforms. Her team relies on meticulous data gathering to inform their analyses.

Mina, who is a native Arabic speaker, has been closely monitoring and researching the activities of jihadist groups and individuals online for over a decade. This constant watch has allowed her to quickly detect shifts, trends, and the latest online tools and platforms jihadists experiment with and seek to exploit.

Prior to joining the BBC in 2013, Mina was a senior visiting fellow at the London School of Economics where she focused on the subject of online radicalisation. She is a regular speaker at events related to jihadist groups and their media operations.

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