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Chapter Exploring the Extent to Which Extremism and Terrorism Have Changed Since the Advent of the Internet

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2023 Locaj, K. View Publisher
Journal Article The ‘First Person Shooter’ Perspective: A Different View on First Person Shooters, Gamification, and First Person Terrorist Propaganda

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2023 Andrews, S. View Publisher
Journal Article A community resilience linguistic framework for risk assessment: using second order moral foundations and emotion on social media

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2022 Kernot, D., Leslie, S. and Wood, M. View Publisher
Book Salafi-Jihadism and Digital Media

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2022 Ranstorp, M., Ahlerup, L. and Ahlin, F. eds. View Publisher
Journal Article Techniques to detect terrorists/extremists on the dark web: a review

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2022 Alghamdi, H. and Selamat, A. View Publisher
Journal Article A survey on extremism analysis using natural language processing: definitions, literature review, trends and challenges

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2022 Torregrosa, J., Bello-Orgaz, G., Martínez-Cámara, E., Ser, J.D. and Camacho, D. View Publisher