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VOX-Pol Blog To Combat ISIS, Europe Must Do More to Police Social Media

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2015 Hegghammer, T View Publisher
VOX-Pol Blog Defence is Fighting ISIS Online, but We Don’t Know it Works

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2015 Donaldson, D. View Publisher
Journal Article Examining Online Behaviors of Violent and Non-Violent Right-Wing Extremists During Peak Posting Days

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2024 Scrivens, R. View Publisher
Report The Role of Social Networks in Facilitating and Preventing Domestic Radicalization: What Research Sponsored by the National Institute of Justice Tells Us

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2024 Aryaeinejad, K. and Scherer, T.L. View Publisher
Journal Article Distinct patterns of incidental exposure to and active selection of radicalizing information indicate varying levels of support for violent extremism

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2024 Schumann, S., Clemmow, C., Rottweiler, B. and Gill, P. View Publisher
Report Unleashing the Potential of Short-Form Video: Strategic Communications for Countering Extremism in the Digital Age

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2024 Whittaker, J., Atamuradova, F., Yilmaz, K., Copeland, S., El Sayed, L. and Deedman, J. View Publisher