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Report Unleashing the Potential of Short-Form Video: A Guide for Creators Making Content to Counter Extremism

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2024 Whittaker, J., Atamuradova, F., Yilmaz, K., Copeland, S., El Sayed, L. and Deedman, J. View Publisher
Journal Article Softening online extremes using network engineering

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2024 Restrepo, E.M., Moreno, M., Illari, L. and Johnson, N.F. View Publisher
Journal Article Conspiracy, misinformation, radicalisation: understanding the online pathway to indoctrination and opportunities for intervention

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2024 Booth, E., Lee, J., Rizoiu, M.A. and Farid, H. View Publisher
Report Visualisation report of emerging extremist narratives across Europe

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2024 Askanius, T., Haselbacher, M., Reeger, U. and Stoencheva, J. View Publisher
Report Online Radicalization and Ways to Counteract its Impact

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2024 Croci, G. View Publisher
Journal Article Machine Learning for Predicting Intent of Radical Action in Text Data

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2024 Jurek-Loughrey, A. and Szabelska, A. View Publisher