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Report In the Blind Spot – How right-wing extremists use alternative platforms for radicalisation

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2022 Hammer, D., Rübbert, Z. and Schwieter, C. View Publisher
Journal Article Online Activities and Extremist Attitudes in Adolescence: An Empirical Analysis with a Gender Differentiation

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2022 Goede, L.R., Schröder, C.P., Lehmann, L. and Bliesener, T. View Publisher
Journal Article The virtual “Caliphate” strikes back? Mapping the Islamic State’s information ecosystem on the surface web

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2022 Lakomy, M. View Publisher
Journal Article Terror Through The Looking Glass Information Orientations And The Lens Of Web Search Engines

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2022 Whyte, C. View Publisher
VOX-Pol Publication Online Extremism and Terrorism Researchers’ Security, Safety, and Resilience: Findings from the Field

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2023 Pearson, E., Whittaker, J., Baaken, T., Zeiger, S., Atamuradova, F. and Conway, M. View Publisher
Journal Article The effects of social media on domestic terrorism

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2023 Hunter, L.Y., Biglaiser, G., McGauvran, R.J. and Collins, L. View Publisher