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Lecture Why Terrorists Weep: The Socio-Cultural Practices of Jihadi Militants

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2015 Hegghammer, T. View Publisher
Journal Article Why Do Online Countering Violent Extremism Strategies Not Work? The Case of Digital Jihad

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2022 Lakomy, M. View Publisher
Journal Article Who Views Online Extremism? Individual Attributes Leading to Exposure

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2016 Costello, M., Howdon, J. and Ratliff, T. View Publisher
Journal Article Who views online extremism? Individual attributes leading to exposure

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2016 Costello, M., Hawdon, J., Ratliff, T. and Grantham, T. View Publisher
Chapter Who Should Regulate Extremist Content Online?

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2021 Reed, A. and Henschke, A. View Publisher
Report Who Matters Online: Measuring influence, evaluating content and countering violent extremism in online social networks

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2013 Berger, J.M. and Strathearn, B. View Publisher