New VOX-Pol Report: What are the Roles of the Internet in Terrorism? Measuring Online Behaviours of Convicted UK Terrorists

Launching 4 November 2015 at the VOX-Pol Lunch Briefing Series

VOX-Pol: Lone Actors ReportIn London, on November 4 2015, Dr. Paul Gill will present findings from his co-authored research report entitled ‘What are the Roles of the Internet in Terrorism? Measuring Online Behaviours of Convicted UK Terrorists’, based upon recent VOX-Pol funded research. This report will be formally launched during the inaugural VOX-Pol Lunch Briefing Series.

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About the Report

Using a unique dataset of 227 convicted UK-based terrorists, this report fills a large gap in the existing literature. Using descriptive statistics, we first outline the degree to which various online activities related to radicalisation were present within the sample. The results illustrate the variance in behaviours often attributed to ‘online radicalisation’. Second, we conducted a smallest-space analysis to illustrate two clusters of commonly co-occurring behaviours that delineate behaviours from those directly associated with attack planning. Third, we conduct a series of bivariate and multivariate analyses to question whether those who interact virtually with like-minded individuals or learn online, exhibit markedly different experiences (e.g. radicalisation, event preparation, attack outcomes) than those who do not.



Paul Gill, Emily Corner, Amy Thornton, and Maura Conway

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