News coverage of VOX-Pol Mid-Project Conference: Taking Stock of Research on Violent Online Political Extremism

State and internet firms join to fight online abuse and incitement

Online offences concerning cyber-bullying and sexual exploitation of children must be countered by governments working in partnership with internet service providers, Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald said yesterday.

Irish Independent [Friday 24-06-2016] – Click here to read more


“Extremism is no longer an abstract problem. It’s here” – Is Islamic terrorism a threat in Ireland?

TÁNAISTE FRANCES FITZGERALD has warned that people are becoming radicalised online and that not enough is known about the issue and how to stop it.

Fitzgerald gave a speech yesterday at a VOXPOL conference in DCU about people becoming radicalised on the internet. [Friday 24-06-2016]. Click here to read more


RTÉ Radio 1 – Today with Sean O’Rourke interview with JM Berger – Co-author of ISIS: The State of Terror (2015)

Click here to listen to the podcast

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