Conference Presentation Slides

Violent Extremism, Terrorism, and the Internet: Present and Future Trends University of Amsterdam, 20 – 21 August

Session One:

Extremist Dualities: Online vs Offline,
Homogeneity vs Heterogeneity

Online Radicalisation 1

Session Two:

Old Wine, New Bottles?

Keynote Address:

Mina al-Lami (BBC Monitoring)

Session Three:

Online Hate and Conspiracy on
4Chan, Facebook, and Reddit

‘Real World’ Events

Session Four:

Image Propaganda

Countering Online Extremism 1

Session Five:

Gendered and Other Identities and
Roles in Jihadist and Far-right Online
Content and Contexts 2

Video Propaganda

Session Six:

Countering Online Extremism 2

Banning, Censoring, Moderating
and Their Impacts

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