Public Lecture at ICSR by VOX-Pol Fellow Nico Prucha on IS’ Online-Mediated Ideological Narratives

NicoVOX-Pol Research Fellow Dr. Nico Prucha, is currently being hosted by ICSR at King’s College London, a VOX-Pol partner institution. On Monday, 6 July, Dr. Prucha delivered an hour-long lecture on the ideological narratives of Islamic States as presented through their online media output at KCL’s Strand Campus. The session was chaired by ICSR’s Dr. Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens.

Dr. Prucha focused his remarks on the symbiotic relationships between ideology, media content, and strategic action and how different messages are targeted at different audiences. While the increasingly decentralised nature of the online networks makes combating them even more difficult than previously, Dr. Prucha stressed that any strategic response must use a broad range of cultural tools and not solely concentrate on producing Western counter-narratives.

The lecture, which was broadcast live via Periscope, met with an enthusiastic audience response. You can listen to the lecture below:

Slides from Dr Prucha’s talk can be accessed here.

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