Researcher Exchange Programme on Violent Online Political Extremism

Calls for Expression of Interest

The VOX-Pol Network of Excellence (NoE) is a European Union Framework Programme 7 (FP7)-funded academic research network focused on researching the prevalence, contours, functions, and impacts of violent online political extremism and responses to it. Its purpose is the establishment of a robust partnering, research, training, and dissemination network that has as its core function comprehensive research, analysis, debate, and critique of topics in and issues surrounding violent online political extremism.

The Researcher Exchange Programme enables scientific visits and research stays in a partner institution within and outside the VOX-Pol network. In this context, visits of external researchers of up to one month are encouraged, in order to comply with VOX-Pol’s goal of integration within the scientific community and provided that the proposed research is directly relevant to VOX-Pol.


  1. The visitor and hosting institutions draw up a joint proposal for the intended stay, to include details of:
    • proposed collaboration: purpose and clear objectives (1-3 pages)
    • proposed location
    • proposed duration
    • breakdown of estimated cost, e.g. travel and accommodation
  2. The VOX-Pol RMP Coordinator reviews the proposed scientific exchange and will make recommendations to the Management Board (or nominees).
  3. The VOX-Pol Financial Coordinator will assess the estimated costs and propose the amount to be awarded and advise the RMP Coordinator accordingly. Amounts may be awarded to a maximum of €2,000 per month. Awards may be conditional upon submission of receipts, to a specified value.
  4. The RMP Coordinator will communicate with applicants regarding the outcome of their application.
  5. The hosting institution notifies the RMP Coordinator of the successful completion of the research exchange.
  6. The visiting researcher will submit any relevant receipts and bank details, as requested.
  7. The VOX-Pol Financial Coordinator will initiate reimbursement by Electronic Funds Transfer.

Please send your applications to

Dr. Pisoiu and Dr. Bossong are happy to provide further information and assist in the application process. The RMP Coordinator will communicate all decisions within one month from submission.

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