Swansea University Leads VOX-Pol

At the Terrorism and Social Media 2022 conference, Dublin City University’s Professor Maura Conway announced in her keynote address that Professor Stuart Macdonald of Swansea University’s Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law will take on the coordinating role in the VOX-Pol network.

Stuart Macdonald, Professor of Law and Director of the University’s Cyber Threats Research Centre, will take over leadership from Prof. Conway, the founder of VOX-Pol. Prof Conway is quoted in Swansea University’s press release:

“I’m very pleased to be handing over leadership of VOX-Pol to Prof. Macdonald at Swansea University. While I will continue to be involved with the work of the network, the transition to new leadership is a great opportunity to reinvigorate our efforts across research, partnering, events, and policy. I look forward to VOX-Pol’s continued scholarly and practical impact under Swansea’s stewardship.”

Prof. Macdonald stated:

“We have always worked to promote collaboration across different sectors and jurisdictions, so are delighted to have the opportunity to lead this truly international network. VOX-Pol has a reputation worldwide for producing research of the highest calibre that informs policy and practice on this important issue.”

A new section on the VOX-Pol website shows the people and institutions in the reconstituted VOX-Pol Network, which now extends to 65 scholars from 25 different universities in 13 countries across six continents.

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