Taliban Victory Generates Echoes in Bangladeshi Social Media
September 15, 2021
By The SecDev Group The devastating terrorist attack in Kabul by the Islamic State-Khorasan (IS-K) and the hasty departure of the US and coalition partners from Afghanistan is generating geopolitical tremors across Central and South Asia and beyond. And while Afghanistan is geographically distant from Bangladesh, the IS-K’s expansive digital footprint and the Taliban’s return to state power after ...
How Do Violent Extremists Use Digital Media? An Analysis of Bangladeshi Extremist Lifecycles
June 9, 2021
By Saimum Parvez Bangladesh is an often overlooked country in violent extremism research.  At least 40 pro-secular writers and activists, foreign nationals, and members of minority religious groups were murdered in Bangladesh by violent extremists between 2013 and 2017. On July 1, 2016, Islamic State-affiliated violent extremists stabbed to death 20 hostages, including Indian, Italian, ...