Paths to Radicalism and Extremism
March 1, 2017
This Blog post is a product of the ESRC-funded Youth Extremisms Research Seminar Series. By Prof. Hilary Pilkington Following significant electoral successes for populist radical right parties and several instances of extraordinary extremist violence, perpetrated by both jihadist and extreme right actors, the attention of scholars, journalists and politicians has understandably focussed upon extremist and radical growth ...
Accusations in a Mirror: ISIS, Anti-Muslim Hate Speech, and the Refugee Crisis
September 21, 2016
Rather than analyzing the so-called ‘Islamic States’’ use of (social) media, in this post Dr. Matti Pohjonen, VOX-Pol Research Fellow 2016, explores if parallels can be drawn between it and a topic he’s more familiar with: far right anti-Islamic hate speech.  Following the Paris, Brussels, and other attacks, newspaper commentaries have routinely warned about the ...
Down the (White) Rabbit Hole: The Extreme Right and Online Recommender Systems
December 1, 2014
by Derek O’Callaghan YouTube’s status as the most popular video sharing platform means that it is especially useful to political extremists in their efforts to influence a wide audience. We often see links to associated videos and channels on YouTube being propagated on other social media platforms such as Twitter. In this analysis, we were ...