VOX-Pol Coordinator to Contribute to Discussion Panel on Artistic License at Science Gallery Dublin
October 26, 2016
VOX-Pol’s Cordinator, Prof. Maura Conway, will contribute to a panel discussion over different approaches to extremist material taken by museums, search engines, religions, academia, counter-extremist researchers and others. The event is scheduled to take place at Science Gallery Dublin on Thursday, 27 October. Focusing on specific examples, including Islamic State’s online magazine Dabiq, the panel will debate ...
Bridging Computer Sciences and Social Sciences: The Search for Extremist Content Online
October 12, 2016
By Ryan Scrivens There’s been a shift in recent years in how researchers investigate online communities, whether it’s the study of how extremists communicate through social media or analysis of users connecting through online health forums. In particular, scholars who do this work are shifting from manual identification of specific online content to algorithmic techniques ...
Assessing the Ethics and Politics of Policing the Internet for Extremist Material
March 9, 2016
The Oxford Internet Institute’s Ian Brown and MIT’s Josh Cowls co-authored the VOX-Pol report entitled Check the Web: Assessing the Ethics and Politics of Policing the Internet for Extremist Material, which explores the complexities of policing the web for extremist material, and looks into its implications for security, privacy, and human rights. Below, Josh Cowls discusses the report with Bertie ...