VOX-Pol Coordinator to Contribute to Discussion Panel on Artistic License at Science Gallery Dublin

VOX-Pol’s Cordinator, Prof. Maura Conway, will contribute to a panel discussion over different approaches to extremist material taken by museums, search engines, religions, academia, counter-extremist researchers and others. The event is scheduled to take place at Science Gallery Dublin on Thursday, 27 October.

Focusing on specific examples, including Islamic State’s online magazine Dabiq, the panel will debate about the role cultural institutions can play in countering terrorist messaging by engaging with the message itself, or when, legally and culturally, the material is simply too toxic.

Experts will also look into questions such as: “How should cultural institutions like museums, galleries, and libraries treat material that is culturally toxic but socially significant?”

“When freedom of speech clashes with controversy or hatred, who decides the boundaries of censorship?”

“Does restricting access to extremist material defuse its explosive messaging, or spark curiosity amongst those most vulnerable to radicalization?”

“What are the legal and ethical obligations of ISPs, search engines, and national media when it comes to providing access to and contextualizing extremist media?”

In addition to Prof. Conway, the other panelists are Umar Al-Qadri – Head-Imam of Al-Mustafa Islamic Educational & Cultural Centre Ireland; Roja Fazaeli – Assistant Professor of Islamic Civilization(s), Trinity College Dublin; and Neville Cox – Dean of Graduate Studies, Associate Professor of Law, Trinity College Dublin.

The event is part of on-going exhibition DESIGN AND VIOLENCE, a co-production between MoMA and Science Gallery Dublin, which was launched on October 14th, 2016.

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