Pop Terrorism: ISIS’ Media Campaign
July 22, 2015
By Sam Garin In a video entitled “There is no Life without Jihad,” young men shaded by verdant palm trees empathetically assure their audience that they understand their struggle as Muslims in a western country. The video shows English-speaking members of the Islamic State give calm, earnest testimonies urging Muslims in the West to join the terrorist ...
IS’ Social Media Strategy Leverages Convergence Culture
July 8, 2015
by Yannick Veilleux-Lepage Although there is nothing new in violent extremist groups quickly adopting new technology, what has hardly any precedent is the breadth of the communication strategy implemented by IS. Not only does IS use new technology to create the content which it releases, it also utilizes new technologies innovatively in the dissemination of ...
Public Lecture at ICSR by VOX-Pol Fellow Nico Prucha on IS’ Online-Mediated Ideological Narratives
July 7, 2015
VOX-Pol Research Fellow Dr. Nico Prucha, is currently being hosted by ICSR at King’s College London, a VOX-Pol partner institution. On Monday, 6 July, Dr. Prucha delivered an hour-long lecture on the ideological narratives of Islamic States as presented through their online media output at KCL’s Strand Campus. The session was chaired by ICSR’s Dr. ...