Where to Publish Academic Research on Online Extremism and Terrorism?: What We Can Learn from Journal Article Entries in VOX-Pol’s Online Library
May 7, 2020
By Louise Laing and Maura Conway One of the questions we get asked quite often at VOX-Pol—by not just PhD students and early career researchers, but established scholars too and, in fact, that we quite often ask ourselves! — is ‘what are appropriate academic journals for publication of research on online extremism and terrorism?’ A generic ...
VOX-Pol Launched Online Library of Publications Related to Violent Online Political Extremism
December 8, 2015
On 8 December VOX-Pol launched our Online Library, an exciting new research and teaching resource, on its website: The Library currently has over 250 publications related to various aspects of Violent Online Political Extremism included within it, which makes it the biggest such collection available in one place online today. Users can download all open ...