VOX-Pol Launched Online Library of Publications Related to Violent Online Political Extremism

On 8 December VOX-Pol launched our Online Library, an exciting new research and teaching resource, on its website: www.voxpol.eu.

The Library currently has over 250 publications related to various aspects of Violent Online Political Extremism included within it, which makes it the biggest such collection available in one place online today. Users can download all open access material directly or, where the material is protected by copyright, users are taken directly to the publisher version.

The Library contains publications in a variety of formats, including audio and video, and is fully searchable.

The aim of the Library is to provide academics and practitioners working in fields related to Violent Online Political Extremism with a one-stop research and teaching resource.

The Library contents will be updated on a regular basis by promptly adding access and/or links to new material as it is published.

We invite you to visit the Library to browse the material available and to use its contents in your work.

As we would like to provide you with as much content as possible—in the most user-friendly way possible—we welcome your feedback and any suggestions you may have for improvement f the Library.

As the resource is meant for use by everyone researching, teaching, or otherwise tasked in relation to Violent Online Political Extremism, we also welcome suggestions for material that you think should be added to the Library, whether authored by you or others.

All such feedback and suggestions should be emailed onlinelibrary@voxpol.eu.

We hope the Library proves to be an invaluable resource.

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