Pakistan’s Online Harm Rules: Rights to Privacy and Speech Denied
May 27, 2020
By Aryan Garg In January 2020, the federal cabinet of Pakistan approved the Citizen’s Protection (Against Online Harm) Rules to regulate social media platforms for streaming content related to terrorism, extremism, hate speech, sedition, fake news, defamation, violence, and national security. Pakistan is not the first country that has attempted to regulate social media platforms. ...
New VOX-Pol Report: The Legal Response of Western Democracies to Online Terrorism and Extremism
March 4, 2020
VOX-Pol is pleased to present the latest report in the VOX-Pol publication series, titled The Legal Response of Western Democracies to Online Terrorism and Extremism and Its Impact on the Right to Privacy and Freedom of Expression, written by researcher and human rights attorney, Nery Ramati. Three blog posts were published in the lead up ...
Academics Call on Facebook to Make Data More Widely Available for Research
May 2, 2018
By Shelley Hepworth A group of 20 academics based at universities around the world have written an open letter to Facebook, calling on the company to rethink how it engages with the research community. In the wake of recent controversies over privacy, Facebook recently announced restrictions to third-party access to public user data via its Application ...
Virtual Doorstep: Journalists, Social Media and the Victims of Tragedy
June 28, 2017
By Glenda Cooper Some of the most powerful stories about the atrocity in recent Manchester have been told online: whether pictures of the missing, the videos taken in the aftermath or the hashtags such as #roomformanchester or #acityunited showing the city’s resilience. But there are those who have also felt under pressure from journalists. Twitter ...
Could Encryption ‘Backdoors’ Safeguard Privacy and Fight Terror Online?
April 6, 2016
By Prof. Keith Martin Since so much of life has moved online, a clash has emerged between the opposing values of internet freedom, and internet control. Should the internet be a public arena free of all interference and influence from the authorities? Or does too much freedom result in anarchy, turning the internet into a ...