Understanding Incels’ Psychology, Ideology, and Networking
March 20, 2024
By Joe Whittaker (Swansea University), William Costello (University of Texas at Austin), and Andrew Thomas (Swansea University) Involuntary Celibates (incels) have become a prescient security concern in recent years. This is, in large part, due to the handful of terror attacks conducted by individuals who are part of the online movement, who forge a sense ...
Hamas Telegram in the Immediate Wake of Their 7 October Terrorist Attack(s): Part 2 – Propaganda content
November 16, 2023
By Sean McCafferty & Kamil Yilmaz This analysis is Part 2 of a two-part post. Both are based on data gathered between 7 October and 9 October 2023 from two Telegram channels sharing propaganda related to the unfolding violence in Israel and Palestine: an official Telegram channel of the al-Qassam Brigades and an unofficial pro-Hamas ...
Hamas Telegram in the Immediate Wake of Their 7 October Terrorist Attack(s): Part 1 – Activity Levels
November 8, 2023
By Sean McCafferty & Kamil Yilmaz On the morning of Saturday, 7 October 2023, a barrage of rockets targeted Israel from Gaza, followed by militants from a variety of Gaza-based terrorist organisations breaking through checkpoints and military positions around Gaza and entering Israel. This led to unprecedented violence against nearby Israeli military positions, kibbutzim, and ...
Mothers And Militants: The Reproductive Politics of The Extreme-Right
November 1, 2023
By Simon a. Purdue Introduction Reproductive politics lie at the very heart of the gender ideology of the extreme-right. The ‘propagation of the race and nation’ has been a core tenet of social thought across the right-wing spectrum for the past two hundred years, and while within conservatism the racial rhetoric has been largely replaced ...
The Use of Heuristics in the Buffalo Shooter’s Manifesto
March 15, 2023
By Michael Waltman The purpose of this entry is to describe how the nature of hate speech contributes to violence and extremism in a way that would be helpful to those who would study and oppose violent extremism. I have studied the social and political uses of hate speech since 2003. Hate speech is discourse ...
The Interoperability of Definitions of Terrorism and Violent Extremism
September 14, 2022
This article summarises one of the recent outputs of a sub-group of GIFCT’s Legal Frameworks Working Group 2022. By Katy Vaughan Most tech companies now have polices aimed at countering terrorist and violent extremist content (TVEC) on their platforms and services. It is also a condition of GIFCT membership that companies must have policies that ...
Polarisation: A Short Introduction
July 27, 2022
By Annelies Pauwels and Maarten van Alstein Polarisation comes in different forms. An important distinction can be made between ideological and affective polarisation. Ideological (or issue-based) polarisation refers to the sharpening of opinions, positions or believes on a specific issue within a group of like-minded people. The group moves from moderate towards more extreme views on the ...
The NRA’s Video Channel is a Hotbed of Online Hostility
March 14, 2018
By Adam G. Klein As the National Rifle Association, the most influential gun rights advocacy group in the U.S., comes under pressure from victims’ groups and gun control advocates, internet companies like Amazon, Apple and YouTube are finding themselves uncomfortably close to the center of the controversy. These are among the companies that currently stream the ...