The Top Five Most-Read VOX-Pol Blog Posts of 2022

From September 2021 to July 2022, VOX-Pol published 44 Blog posts covering online extremism and terrorism. The Blog publishes weekly on Wednesdays and takes a break in August, when we share the most-read of the previous year. Click to see the most-read posts of the year from 202120202019, and 2018.

The top five most-read are:

5. Taliban Victory Generates Echoes in Bangladeshi Social Media

This article on the Taliban’s digital footprint was originally published as a SecDev Flashnote. Sign up for their Flashnotes here. On Twitter @SecDev.

4. The Metaverse Offers a Future Full of Potential – for Terrorists and Extremists, Too

By Joel S. Elson (@js_elsonAustin C. Doctor (@austincdoctor) and Sam Hunter (@dr_samhunter), and cross-posted from The Conversation. It discusses the Metaverse, which, “like all technological innovation, it brings new opportunities and new risks”.

3. Incel Culture: What We’ve Learned From Investigating Plymouth Attacker’s Digital Footprint

By Blyth Crawford (@Blyth_Crawford) and Florence Keen (@FlorenceKeen) and also cross-posted from our colleagues at The Conversation. This article looks at incel culture, Reddit subforums, and extremism, while examining the digital life of the Plymouth mass shooter.

2. Is It Just a Game? Exploring the Intersection Between (Violent) Extremism and Online Video-Gaming

This article by Suraj Lakhani – University of Sussex and member of the VOX-Pol leadership team – is an original piece written for the VOX-Pol Blog. It examines the “misuse of video-games and associated (adjacent) platforms (e.g. Steam, Discord, Twitch, DLive) for the purposes of extremism and violent extremism.” Suraj is on Twitter @surajlakhani.

1. The Violent Incel Movement

By Christian Vorre Mogensen (@CVMogensen) and originally published in the September 2021 edition of Spotlight magazine, ‘Emerging Threats‘. Spotlight is a publication from the European Commission’s Radicalisation Awareness Network for RAN’s network of practitioners.

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