VOX-Pol is on YouTube

VOX-Pol has launched a YouTube channel that collects video material related to violent online political extremism. Some of the videos on the channel are VOX-Pol’s own material such as British blogger and social media analyst Eliot Higgins’ (aka Brown Moses) public lecture in Dublin organised by VOX-Pol; discussions at the Panel on Monitoring the Net for Violent Extremist Material, organised by VOX-Pol at CPDP2015; and VOX-Pol’s discussions with Belgian state TV on media strategies of violent radical groups online among other interesting interesting videos. The collection also includes key-note speeches from various VOX-Pol events held in 2014.

Other material, such as an interview with ICSR Director Peter Neumann and an hour long panel discussion on the myths and realities of online radicalisation organised by the New America Foundation as well as mainstream news coverage of matters related to online radicalisation have been curated from the Internet to provide you easy access to on-going timely research into the topic of violent online political extremism.

We will be updating content on the channel regularly, so we hope you keep visiting it and using the channel’s contents for your own research and teaching purposes. Also, if you have any relevant content — yours or someone else’s — that you’d like to see on the channel, please email us at: info@voxpol.eu

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