VOX-Pol Launches New Researcher Resources Page

VOX-Pol is pleased to launch a new section on our website, titled Researcher Resources. This essential and easy to navigate resource collects and categorises information for researchers working in the areas of online online extremism and terrorism, including particularly graduate students, early career researchers, and those new to the field, but we feel certain also contains entries of relevance to those with long experience in this research domain.

Ethics should be a consideration in every aspect of research, from project planning, data collection and analysis to dissemination. The Ethics page lists resources to be utilised in conjunction with the advice of your institution’s Research Ethics Committee/Institutional Review Board and any relevant legislation applicable in your jurisdiction (e.g. GDPR).

Two pages on Researcher Welfare cover Privacy and Security and Mental and Emotional Well-being and Self Care. The former gives resources on a core component of online extremism and terrorism researchers’ well-being: maintaining their (online) privacy and security. The latter lists ways for online extremism and terrorism researchers’ to ensure their mental and emotional well-being and engage in self-care. You will notice that most of the available resources are targeted not at academic researchers, but at activists, journalists, and others, but are nevertheless directly relevant because they speak to many of the same issues faced by researchers in our field.

Datasets and Tools contains links for data collection and analysis tools, available datasets of online extremism and terrorism content, online learning opportunities, and relevant articles and reports.

The page Conferences and Summer Schools lists regularly scheduled events devoted to online extremism and terrorism. If you are the host of or otherwise have knoweldge of such an event that’s not currently listed, drop us a line and we’ll add it.

The Podcasts page is divided into two sections, one listing series devoted to the intersections of extremism, terrorism and the Internet, and related issues, and the other on individual podcast episodes focused on same.

An analysis of VOX-Pol’s Online Library conducted in April 2020 has revealed the top ten journals publishing research on the topic of violent online political extremism. The top ten are linked-to from the Publication Venues page, along with relevant Blogs.

Are you familiar with VOX-Pol’s YouTube Channel and Online Library? If not, check them out too. The VOX-Pol YouTube channel curates videos about online extremism and terrorism, including video from VOX-Pol and others’ events. Our Online Library is a constantly updated and searchable database of over 1,000 journal articles, chapters, reports, and theses addressing aspects of online extremism and terrorism and responses to them.

If you have suggestions for additional entries, please email us details at info@voxpol.eu. Users are encouraged to bookmark the page and share it widely. Explore it HERE.


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