VOX-Pol Mid-Project Conference: Draft Programme

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Hot Contemporary Topics: Youth, ‘Lonewolves,’ OSINT

#emotion – Youth, Social Media and ISIS
Debra Smith: Victoria University

Online Violent and Non-violent Radicalisation of Afghan Youth
Weeda Mehran: York University

The Rise of Open Source Jihad – Autodidactic Lone Wolves or Bumbling Ideological Illiterates
Akil Awan: Royal Holloway, University of London

Opportunities, Limits and Challenges to Government Use of OSINT for CVE Purposes
Kevin O’Brien: Accenture


Approaches to (Online) CVE

Fighting Jihadist Online Propaganda – The Case of Canada
Maxime Bérubé: Université de Montreal
Benjamin Ducol: International Centre for Comparative Criminology

Considering the Experiences of Grassroots Practitioners
Orla Lehane: Dublin City University

Cradle to Grave The Importance of ‘Lessons Learned’ in the Development of CVE Initiatives
Lisa McInerney: Dublin City University


National Separatists versus State Supporters: Cases from Northern Ireland, Sri Lanka and Ukraine

Media Influence on Conflict Surrounding Parades in Northern Ireland
Audrey Redmond: Kennesaw State University

Ulster Loyalism, the Far Right and Social Media
Stephen Herron: Queen’s University

Bringing the ‘Eelam’ Back  – The LTTE’s Use of the Internet
Sara Dissanayake: Dublin City University


Region and Language-specific Violent Jihadi Content

How the Islamic State Frames the Question of Palestine
Samar Batrawi: King’s College London, UK 

Exploring the Relationship between Online Propaganda and Radicalisation Processes of German Jihadis
Daniela Pisoiu: Austrian Institute for International Affairs
Reem Ahmed: Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy
Felix Lippe: Austrian Institute for International Affairs 

Islamic State Propaganda in Turkish-language Social Media
Eric Edwards: Navanti Group


Towards an Effective Counter-Narratives Framework

Counter-Terrorism Strategic Communication: Lessons
from History
Alastair Reed: Leiden University 

Counter-Terrorism Strategic Communication: Lessons
from AQ and ISIS
Haroro Ingram: Australia National University 

Making CVE Work: A Focused Approach Based on Process
JM Berger: George Washington University


Analysing Extremist Visuals

Establishing the Complexity of IS’s Visual Propaganda
Vít Stritecky: Charles University
Petr Špelda: Charles University 

#ISIS Twitter Fans’ Visual Narratives – Contextualising Profile Pictures
Maura Conway: Dublin City University
Moign Khawaja: Dublin City University

Classification of Frames Used to Analyse Images of Violent Political Extremism
Michael Jablonski: Georgia State University

Multimodal Content Analysis of Avatars Used on Online Extremist Fora  – The ‘Ladies’ of Stormfront
Stevan Rudinac: University of Amsterdam
Maura Conway: Dublin City University
Isaac Sijaranamual: University of Amsterdam


Transmedia, Narratives, and Gender Issues

Explaining Islamic State (IS) Online Propaganda – A Transmedia Approach
Sara Monaci: Politecnico di Torino

‘Good and Evil’ Narratives in Islamic State and Western Government Media
Imogen Richards: Monash University 

The Hidden Women of the Kalifate – A Glimpse into the Spanish-Moroccan Jihadist Network on Facebook
Claudia Carvalho: Tilburg University
Johannes Saal: Unviversity of Lucerne

Migrations of Violence – Men, Masculinities and Radicalisation
Paul Higate: University of Bristol
Charlotte Smith: University of Bristol


How Effective is #Hashtagging?

The Role of Hashtag Campaigns in CVE
Suzzette Abbasciano: University of Massachusetts — Lowell

Misdirection and Deceit  Psychological Warfare and the case of #LondonAttack
David Mair: Swansea University

Terrorism on Twitter – Comparing #CharlieHebdo and #ParisAttacks
Eugenia Siapera: Dublin City University
Theo Lynn: Dublin City University
Graham Hunt: Dublin City University
Binesh Nair: Dublin City University


Trends in Online Research: Core Research Questions, Ethics, and a Move Towards Behavioural Analyses

Who Becomes a Terrorist? Exploring Role of Moral Identity, Moral Indignation and Moral Disengagement When Justifying Acts of Violent Extremism
Kiran Sarma: National University of Ireland, Galway
Sarah Carthy: National University of Ireland, Galway
Sean Madden: National University of Ireland, Galway

A Contemporary Review of Emerging Radical Trends and Patterns Across Europe Based on the Research Outputs of the TransRad Project
Douglas Wells: Sheffield Hallam University
Babak Akhgar: Sheffield Hallam University

Online Radicalisation by the Numbers – Quantifying Behaviours, Patterns, & Processes
Paul Gill: University College London 

Ethics and Online Extremism-related Research –  Challenges and Recommendations
Lorraine Bowman Grieve: Waterford Institute of Technology


Mobilising Media: A Deep and Comparative Analysis of Terrorist Magazines, Music, and Videos

Visual and Sound Strategies in Daesh Propaganda
Carol Winkler: Georgia State University 

The Role of Nation-branding and State-building in ISIS strategy
Amanda Rogers: Georgia State University

Going Global or Going Glocal? Comparing IS and Al Qaeda’s Recruitment Tropes in their English-language Publications
Nadia Hai: Carleton University


Online Extreme Right Mobilisation and Hate Speech

Identitarian Cyberspace Xenophobic and Anti-Semitic Imaginary in the Online Networks of Extreme Right Organisations in France
Caterina Froio: Sciences Po Paris 

Conspiracy Theories in Jihadist and Anti-Jihadist Thought – A Content Analysis of Online Extremism
Klas Borell: Jönköping University 

Rapefugees Not Welcome Here: Comparative Approaches to Hate Speech and Online Political Extremism Around the Refugee Crisis
Matti Pohjonen: VOX-Pol


Software-Enhanced Research on Violent Online Political Extremism

Searching for Signs of Extremism on the Web
Ryan Scrivens: Simon Fraser University
Garth Davies: Simon Fraser University
Richard Frank: Simon Fraser University 

Group Cohesion in Online White Supremacist Communities – Integrating Social Network and Computerised Linguistic Analyses
Ana-Maria Bliuc: Monash University
John Betts: Monash University
Nicholas Faulkner: Monash University
Matteo Vergani: Deakin University
Rui Jie Chow: Monash University
Muhammad Iqbal: Monash University 

The Dark Side of the Net – Exploring Tor for Violent Extremist Content
Richard Frank: Simon Fraser University
Garth Davies: Simon Fraser University
Byran Monk: Simon Fraser University
Tahsin Zulkarnine: Simon Fraser University
Julianna Mitchell: Simon Fraser University


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