VOX-Pol Newsletter 10(2) June 2023

Welcome to Volume 10, Issue 2 of the VOX-Pol Newsletter.


The EU Regulation on Terrorist Content Online (TCO): What It Means for Tech Platforms, Thursday 22 June 2023, 1800 CET.

This webinar will introduce the work of Tech Against Terrorism Europe (TATE), established to drive greater awareness about the EU’s new regulation on online terrorist content. VOX-Pol Member Institutions Swansea University, Dublin City University and Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich make up three of the six TATE consortium members.

Tech companies offering their services in the European Union are now required to take action against terrorist content found on their platforms. Hosting service providers must remove terrorist content within one hour of receiving a removal order.

The webinar is for representatives of tech companies who offer their services in the European Union, as well as policymakerslaw enforcement, and government officials who have a role in implementing the TCO and alerting terrorist content.

This webinar will feature panellists from the consortium behind Tech Against Terrorism Europe, which will support smaller tech companies in meeting the requirements to counter the terrorist threat, as well as experts from the European Union policymaking and law enforcement community.

Register here with your institutionally affiliated email address.


Check out the VOX-Pol YouTube channel for playlists of all our online guest lectures and research workshops.

The latest addition is Evolving Contours of (Online) Extremism and P/CVE in Sub-Saharan Africa, which was hosted online by Dr Miraji Mohammed on 10 May 2023. This workshop focused on the phenomenon of extremism and especially online extremism in the context of sub-Saharan Africa. It brought together practitioners and academics researching terrorism and implementing Preventing/Countering Violent Extremism (P/CVE) in sub-Saharan Africa, where both Islamist militant groups and far-right and alt-right groups operate.


VOX-Pol Member Elizabeth Pearson represented the VOX-Pol REASSURE report at the Global Network on Extremism and Technology (GNET) Conference in London on 25 May. She took part in a panel alongside researchers from the University of Silesia and Moonshot CVE on “The Impact of Extremism Research on Researcher Mental Health”. GNET produced an infographic based on REASSURE and GNET research which was handed to all participants, and is available online.

Dr Ashley Mattheis was invited to speak at the Canada Centre 2023 Conference on Countering Radicalization to Violence on 4 May 2023. Ashley presented “Researcher Safety Online: From Trauma to Institutional Responsibility” on the panel ‘How to Safely Perform Online Research in Terrorist and Violent Extremist Ecosystem (OPSEC For Researchers)’ and “Looking Beyond Dichotomies: An Intersectional Approach to P/CVE” on the roundtable ‘Deepening the Integration of Gender, Bias and Diversity Considerations in Preventing and Counter Violent Extremism’.

In March, VOX-Pol Coordinator, Stuart Macdonald, and VOX-Pol Members  Joe WhittakerMaura Conway and Ashley Mattheis presented at the fourth Annual Conference of the European Counter-Terrorism Centre (ECTC) Advisory Network on Terrorism and Propaganda, at the Europol Headquarters in The Hague. More details can be found on our news page. The Conference was co-organised by VOX-Pol Members Stuart Macdonald, Maura Conway and Lisa Kaati, in their capacity as members of the Advisory Network’s Steering Committee.

On 31 May Prof Maura Conway attended the Trust & Safety Professional Association (TPSA) Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Summit in Dublin. Check out the TSPA website HERE.


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