VOX-Pol Newsletter 11(1) January 2024

Welcome to Volume 11, Issue 1 of the VOX-Pol Newsletter.


The VOX-Pol website is relaunched! The new site has been refreshed and redesigned to reflect our work as an international research network on online extremism and terrorism. Alongside the Events, Blog, News and Newsletter pages, it now also features:

Next Gen Network

The Next Gen Network is an academic platform dedicated to supporting early career researchers with an interest in investigating online extremism. This initiative seeks to provide a space for the development of young academics and equip them with the proper resources necessary for success.

Updated Resources

The Resources is a directory of tools, datasets, events and other useful links, which are collected and grouped by topic. The Resources now includes a list of VOX-Pol Member Institutions’ MA Courses.


The Online Library is a research and teaching resource, which collects in one place a large volume of publications related to various aspects of violent online political extremism. The search function has been updated and now searches by title, author, date range, keywords, and tags. The Online Library has been redesigned with an improved search, and filterable results.

The quick search looks for keywords in the title, abstract and authors. The advanced search covers title, author (use surname for best results), date range, keywords, and tags. You can also specify the type of material that’s shown, for example: journal article, book chapter, thesis, presentation.


The VOX-Pol Newsletter is changing from quarterly to monthly. The VOX-Pol Network has expanded to include thirty institutions and currently has over eighty members. The monthly newsletter will be the primary method of communication for the network’s events and outputs. Please share with your contacts and encourage them to sign up.