VOX-Pol Newsletter 8(1) March 2021

Welcome to Volume 8 Issue 1 of the VOX-Pol Newsletter.

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Introducing a new VOX-Pol publication on ‘Terrorism Informatics’ by Digital Media Researcher and VOX-Pol Fellow, Matti Pohjonen. The report is being published as a series of four Blog posts throughout March 2021, the first A Framework for Researchers is already online, and will be followed weekly by posts on Identifying Extremist NetworksAnalysing Extremist Content, and Predicting Extremist Behaviour.

At the end of March, issues from the blog posts will be discussed in a live webinar. In the webinar, Matti Pohjonen, Eugenia Siapera (University College Dublin) and Maura Conway (VOX-Pol Coordinator) will discuss the topic of Terrorism Informatics and how researchers can ethically engage in these kinds of analyses.

The webinar will take place at 16:00 (GMT) on Tuesday 30 March. Keep an eye on the VOX-Pol Twitter page  and website for updates.


Our VOX-Pol Blog posts continue to get great traction. Within a few days of the events at the US capitol on 6 Jan., for example, the post Gab.com: the Pro-Trump Alternative to Social Media by Jordan McSwiney and Greta Jasser–originally published in the October 2020 edition of e-Extreme, the newsletter of the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) Standing Group on Extremism & Democracyreceived over 15,000 views.

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VOX-Pol Research Fellow, JM Berger, has released a dystopian fiction book titled Optimal. The book is informed by his research in extremism, terrorism and how bad actors exploit technology, especially the Internet and social media. He can be heard discussing the book on security and technology podcast, The Loopcast.

JM’s non-fiction book, Extremism (MIT Press, August 2018), was launched at VOX-Pol’s 2018 biennial conference.


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