VOX-Pol Participation in EHEESS Seminar

On 24 March VOX-Pol’s and OII’s Research Fellow Caterina Froio participated to the EHESS seminar on ‘Media and social movements’ in Paris.  (https://enseignements-2016.ehess.fr/2016/ue/1939/ )  

On Friday 24 March Dr. Froio participated in the seminar on “Medias and Social Movements: sociology of publics and counter-publics”. The seminar was organized and moderated by Dr. Konstantinos Eleftheriadis at the Ecole d’Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHEESS) in Paris.

Dr. Froio presented VOX-Pol Research Fellowship work regarding the study of far right nativist discourse online, looking at the content of 77 websites belonging to far right organizations in France. The question posed by the presentation was whether the definition of common outgroups triggers communication networks between populist radical-right parties, extreme right movements and other actors of the far right.

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