VOX-Pol’s Next Gen Network on Discord

VOX-Pol has created a dedicated Discord channel as part of the Next Gen Network. This space is specifically geared towards early career researchers with the creation of a supportive community at its forefront. We want to build an environment geared towards the needs of young scholars researching online extremist spaces. Come join the network if you want to meet like-minded individuals, discuss the latest ongoings in the field, formulate collaborations across different disciplines and domains, discover new research, funding, conferences, workshops, and work opportunities, discuss the mental hardships that come with examining these spaces, and much much more. We hope that as this channel and community grows, we will be able to provide new resources and opportunities for early career researchers (ECRs) as the “next generation” of scholars in the field. Please do not be shy; join our Next Gen Network Discord today! 

Use the link to join the community today! Sign up is simple, free, and easy. We are excited to welcome you to this ECR space. 

The Next Gen Network is an academic platform dedicated to supporting ECRs with an interest in investigating online extremism. This initiative seeks to provide a space for the development of young academics and equip them with the proper resources necessary for success.