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VOX-Pol Publication Online Jihadist Propaganda Dissemination Strategies

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2024 Macdonald, S. and McCafferty, S. View Publisher
VOX-Pol Publication The Last Twitter Census

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2024 Berger, J.M. View Publisher
VOX-Pol Publication Online Extremism and Terrorism Researchers’ Security, Safety, and Resilience: Findings from the Field

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2023 Pearson, E., Whittaker, J., Baaken, T., Zeiger, S., Atamuradova, F. and Conway, M. View Publisher
Journal Article The effects of social media on domestic terrorism

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2023 Hunter, L.Y., Biglaiser, G., McGauvran, R.J. and Collins, L. View Publisher
Chapter The Use of Counter Narratives to Combat Violent Extremism Online

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2023 Rees, J. and Montasari, R. View Publisher
Chapter The Role of the Internet in Radicalisation to Violent Extremism

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2023 Bamsey, O. and Montasari, R. View Publisher