New VOX-Pol Report: AI Extremism: Technologies, Tactics, Actors

VOX-Pol is pleased to publish a new report AI Extremism: Technologies, Tactics, Actors. This report is written by Stephane Baele, Professor of International Relations at UCLouvain, and Lewys Brace, Senior Lecturer in Computational Social Science (Criminology) at Exeter University.

The accompanying launch event took place on Friday 3 May 2024, and is available to watch on the VOX-Pol YouTube channel.

The new report is a deep examination of ‘AI extremism’. Like past technological progress, AI will indeed be – in fact already is – used in various ways to bolster extremist agendas. Identifying the many opportunities for action that come with a range of AI models, and linking them with different types of extremist actors, the report offers a clear overview of the numerous facets of AI extremism.

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