VOX-Pol Participation in EHEESS Seminar
March 25, 2017
On 24 March VOX-Pol’s and OII’s Research Fellow Caterina Froio participated to the EHESS seminar on ‘Media and social movements’ in Paris.  ( )   On Friday 24 March Dr. Froio participated in the seminar on “Medias and Social Movements: sociology of publics and counter-publics”. The seminar was organized and moderated by Dr. Konstantinos Eleftheriadis ...
Social Media, Corporate Responsibilities and Youth Extremism
February 22, 2017
This Blog post is a product of the ESRC-funded Youth Extremisms Research Seminar Series. By Prof. Hilary Pilkington On the heels of significant electoral successes and several instances of extraordinary extremist violence, there has been renewed political, media, and scholarly attention to the growth of extremism in Europe and, in particular, to the role of youth in ...
Book Review: Islamic State – The Digital Caliphate by Abdel Bari Atwan
April 20, 2016
By Daniel Falkiner Islamic State: The Digital Caliphate provides detailed answers to a number of pressing questions: What exactly is ISIS? Where did it come from? Who is behind it? How does it function? What are the reasons for its success? Daniel Falkiner welcomes the rich description and analysis and finds Abdel Bari Atwan does an admirable job of explaining the ways Islamic ...
Dr. Maura Conway Contributes to OII and Google Internet Leadership Academy
December 5, 2015
VOX-Pol Coordinator Dr. Maura Conway (DCU) participated in a panel discussion at the final day of the Internet Leadership Academy in Dublin on 4 December. The Academy was convened by our VOX-Pol partner, the Oxford Internet Institute (OII), together with Google, with the aim of providing an objective overview of all sides of the major policy debates shaping ...
Nico Prucha presents on online media and online extremism
September 29, 2015
VOX-Pol Research Fellow Dr. Nico Prucha presented a talk on “Online Media and Online Extremism: The Case of Sunni Extremists and Media Strategies” for a workshop entitled “Violent Extremism in the Western Balkans” that took place in Belgrade, Serbia from 27 – 29 September. The event was organized by the Partnership for Peace (PfP) Consortium ...