“Yes, I Can”: The Role of Perceived Self-Efficacy in Violent Radicalisation Processes
October 17, 2018
By Linda Schlegel & Till Baaken In recent years, radicalisation, its causes and facilitating conditions as well as possible counter-strategies have been widely discussed within the academic community, among practitioners, and by politicians. Today, there are a variety of radicalisation models available in order to facilitate our understanding of this phenomenon and the empirical evidence is progressively ...
New VOX-Pol Report: Research Perspectives on Online Radicalisation
May 3, 2017
Our latest report is launched today, May 03, 2017, available now in the VOX-Pol Online Library VOX-Pol has released its latest report in the VOX-Pol publication series, titled ‘Research Perspectives on Online Radicalisation: A Literature Review, 2006—2016’. Other reports in the series have included: Check the Web: Assessing the Ethics and Politics of Policing the ...
Methodological problems in online radicalisation
March 15, 2017
By Joe Whittaker There seems to be near-ubiquity between discussion of radicalisation to violent extremism and the Internet. Despite this, the study of online radicalisation remains under-researched and as a result ill-understood. This is, perhaps, surprising given the vast attention in the media that is given to the online presence of groups such as Islamic ...
Paths to Radicalism and Extremism
March 1, 2017
This Blog post is a product of the ESRC-funded Youth Extremisms Research Seminar Series. By Prof. Hilary Pilkington Following significant electoral successes for populist radical right parties and several instances of extraordinary extremist violence, perpetrated by both jihadist and extreme right actors, the attention of scholars, journalists and politicians has understandably focussed upon extremist and radical growth ...
The Online Growth of White Nationalism
January 5, 2017
By Siddharth Venkataramakrishnan White nationalism, which advocates against multiculturalism in favour of an ethnic and cultural state linked to a mythologised European identity, has become an increasingly high profile movement over the past five years. Anders Breivik in Norway, Dylan Roof in America, and (to a lesser degree) Thomas Mair in the United Kingdom all had ...
A Radical Defence for Democracy: Allow Space for Anti-Democratic Speech
December 14, 2016
By Tobias Gemmerli This article was originally published by the Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS) on 10 November 2016. Our democratic culture can act as a safeguard against radicalisation, if we make space in the public debate for counter-cultural movements and radical political projects. In the confrontation with radicalism and political violence, democratic freedoms are often named the ...
VOX-Pol Participation in Second Meeting of EU Internet Forum
December 12, 2016
On 8 December, VOX-Pol’s Programme Manager, Lisa McInerney, presented a selection of VOX-Pol research at the second meeting of the EU Internet Forum in Brussels. The meeting was convened by Mr. Dimitris Avramopoulos, EU Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship, and Mr. Julian King, Commissioner for the Security Union. Contributors included, in addition to ...
VOX-Pol Participation in RAN CoE Research Seminar ‘Research on Radicalisation: From Theory to Practice ’
April 18, 2016
Identifying key knowledge gaps in the area of preventing violent extremism was the main focus of a recent EU Radicalisation Awareness Network Centre of Excellence (RAN CoE) research seminar in Vienna (12-13 April 2016). The seminar brought together the RAN editorial board, leading researchers, and practitioners to discuss and debate the latest radicalisation research findings ...
How ISIS’s Language Changed Over Time: More Concern with Females and More “Net-speak”
April 13, 2016
By Matteo Vergani We (myself and Ana-Maria Bliuc) just published a brief research-paper in the Italian magazine “Security, Terrorism and Society“. We used the computerized text analysis program LIWC (Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count) to investigate the evolution of the language across the first 11 Issues of Dabiq. Our paper shows ISIS’ increasing concern with ...
VOX-Pol attends Radicalisation Awareness Network meeting
July 7, 2015
VOX-Pol Programme Manager Lisa McInerney is speaking at a meeting of the Radicalisation Awareness Network at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue in London today. The meeting, ‘Bringing together industry partners and CVE practitioners – Innovative cooperation to counter extremism online’ is being held to engage private sector partners in the counter-narrative challenge and to organise ...