Games as a tool for countering online harm
October 11, 2023
Introductions The intersection between gaming and violent extremism remains understudied and, often, its conclusions tend to be prematurely and problematically drawn. The overused tropes that gaming leads to violent behaviour or that all gamers are extremists, are just a few. This is not to say that the gaming space is without fault. Violent extremists are ...
The radicalisation challenge on gaming and gaming-adjacent platforms
October 4, 2023
As one of the fastest growing entertainment sectors in the world, online video gaming has garnered far more attention of late – both positive and negative. In light of the exploitation of gaming and gaming-adjacent platforms by (violent) extremist actors and the gamification of violent extremism, there continues to be increasing concerns over threats of ...
Transphobia in the Buffalo Shooter’s Manifesto
June 15, 2022
By Ninian Frenguelli On Saturday, 14 May, 2022 an armed shooter entered a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, USA and shot and killed 10 people, wounding three more. The shooter live streamed the attack via the gaming-centric Twitch streaming service and left a manifesto to explain his beliefs. The 18-year-old attacker, Payton Gendron, wrote in ...
Ready, Set, Play: Gaming And (Counter-) Extremism
April 20, 2022
By Linda Schlegel Over the last two years, the potential nexus between gaming and extremism has received a lot of attention. Researchers, practitioners, policy-makers and international organisations such as the EU and the UN have all declared the topic to be a key area of concern. However, surprisingly little is known about how and why extremists ...
Who Is Accused ISIS Propagandist Mohammed Khalifa? Part II
January 5, 2022
This is part two of a two-part series. Read part I here [Ed.]. By Anne Speckhard And Molly Ellenberg In the summer of 2014, Khalifa got married to a Somali woman from Kenya whom he met online. She was studying medicine in Sudan before traveling to Syria. At the time of the interview in 2019, Khalifa ...
Who Is Accused ISIS Propagandist Mohammed Khalifa? Part I
December 29, 2021
This is part one of a two-part series. Read part II here [Ed.]. By Anne Speckhard And Molly Ellenberg Mohammed Khalifa, otherwise known as Abu Ridwan al-Kanadi, is a Canadian citizen now facing federal prosecution in the United States for his participation in ISIS, particularly for his role in the terrorist group’s media department. The New York ...
Far Right and Extremist Groups Are Targeting Military Veterans for Recruitment. Does the ADF Owe Them a Duty of Care?
December 22, 2021
By Carli Kulmar and Michael Jensen Even before extremist group activity in Australia’s 2021 anti-lockdown protests was exposed, concern about right-wing extremism in Australia was on the rise. ASIO and the US annual threat estimate have noted right-wing extremism in Australia is on an upward trend. Ideological extremism now makes up 40% of the ASIO caseload. Our research at the University ...
What role does the Internet play in radicalisation and offending for convicted extremists?
November 10, 2021
By Jonathan Kenyon As society has embraced the Internet, opportunities for those wanting to use the online space for terrorist purposes have also grown, resulting in the spread of violent extremism and extremist ideologies within communities. Radicalisation is viewed as becoming increasingly covert, causing problems for security and intelligence services tasked with tackling this threat. ...
Is It Just a Game? Exploring the Intersection Between (Violent) Extremism and Online Video-Gaming
September 29, 2021
By Suraj Lakhani There has been, especially of late, increasing concern over the misuse of video-games and associated (adjacent) platforms (e.g. Steam, Discord, Twitch, DLive) for the purposes of extremism and violent extremism. Across the European Union (and for that matter globally), policymakers, law enforcement, academics, and counter-extremism practitioners have started to engage more on ...
Tackling Online Radicalization at Its Offline Roots
February 3, 2021
Want to submit a blog post? Click here. By William Baldét You would be forgiven for thinking that the advent of Covid-19 and the accompanying lockdowns have led to the mass radicalization of our youth, consigned to cyberspace, and exposed to vast swathes of online terrorist propaganda. It’s true that cases of ‘self-radicalization’ in the ...