‘Islamic State’ has mastered the use of social media for recruitment: VOX-Pol Research Fellow Nico Prucha
March 19, 2015
“The self-proclaimed ‘Islamic State’ has mastered the use of social media outlets for its most strategic purpose: to indoctrinate, radicalise and subsequently recruit online consumers while projecting a ‘new Sunni Muslim’ role model and way of life”, VOX-Pol Research Fellow Dr Nico Prucha has said. Dr Prucha was talking to a packed audience at the International ...
From Theatres to Cyberspace: The Media and Terrorism
March 18, 2015
On this week’s blog, Professor Gabriel Weimann discusses his new book, published this month, From Theatres to Cyberspace: The Media and Terrorism which examines changing arenas of terrorist communication with a particular focus on emerging trends in the use of social media. by Prof. Gabriel Weimann The seed was planted in 1972 in Munich, Germany. ...
Open, multi-stakeholder discussions necessary to tackle use of social media as a recruitment tool for radical groups
March 16, 2015
Social media companies, law enforcement agencies and free speech activists all agree that open discussions among them are useful and necessary in dealing with the issue of social media being used as a recruitment tool by violent radical groups such as ISIS, VOX-Pol’s Dr. Maura Conway has said. Speaking to techPresident shortly after conclusion of ...
Two-Day Workshop on the Role of Social Media and Internet Companies in Responding to Violent Online Extremism
March 11, 2015
by Anna Orosz The Center for Media, Data and Society at Central European University in Budapest, Hungary hosted the third VOX-Pol workshop on 5 – 6 March with the participation of nearly 40 experts from policy making, human rights groups, activists, law enforcement, social media companies, and academia. The diverse background and expertise of the participants enabled ...
Agenda: Workshop on the role of social media and internet companies in responding to violent online extremism
March 4, 2015
The workshop format is designed to encourage dialogue and debate. In order to do so, each session will begin with 3-4 participants offering opening remarks of approximately 10 minutes to help frame the discussion, overview current policy or practice, offer a specific case study or example, present recent research findings, outline a current advocacy campaign ...
How Not to Destroy the Internet while Fighting Terror
March 4, 2015
by Rebecca MacKinnon In response to the tragic massacre in Paris, the French government has called for UN member states to work together on an international legal framework that would place greater responsibility on social networks and other Internet platforms for terrorist use of their services. In addressing the problem of terrorist use of social networking ...
Arrested War: After Diffused War
February 25, 2015
by Andrew Hoskins and Ben O’Loughlin In the past two decades we have passed through three phases of media ecology, and each has shaped a different way media have entered into the operations and understandings of war and conflict. The 1990s saw the final stage of broadcast era war. National and satellite television and the press had ...
Exciting line-up of speakers for VOX-Pol’s March workshop on the role of social media & internet companies in responding to violent online political extremism
February 19, 2015
As VOX-Pol’s March workshop in Budapest on the role of social media and internet companies in responding to violent online political extremism draws nearer, its exciting line-up of speakers is continuing to grow. Twitter will be there along with representatives from other social media giants. Rebecca MacKinnon, former CNN Bureau Chief, blogger, and co-founder of Global ...
Social Media and the Rise of the Islamic State in 2014
February 18, 2015
by Joe Galvin It has been 11 years since U.S. President George W. Bush gave his ‘Mission Accomplished’ speech aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln signaling the end of major combat operations in Iraq. “In the Battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed,” Bush said. It was a speech that was to ...
VOX-Pol Newsletter 2(1) February 2015
February 12, 2015
Welcome to Vol. 2, Iss. 1 of the VOX-Pol Newsletter. Year 1 of VOX-Pol was a resounding success. In the 12 months to December 2014, we hosted three events to which we welcomed 163 attendees from 24 countries (12 EU Member States and 12 non-EU countries). Our website has gathered 20,000 page-views by 5,000 visitors ...