VOX-Pol attends Family Safety Online Forum
May 29, 2015
VOX-Pol coordinator Dr Maura Conway attended the 7th European Forum of the Family Online Safety Institute in Brussels on May 12 at the invitation of FOSI. The event, which focused on European perspectives on child online safety, was held in Brussels with the support of Google, Twitter, Facebook and Orange. Keynote speaker, UNICEF’s Child Protection ...
South Dakota University students meet VOX-Pol in Dublin
May 26, 2015
A group of 18 students from the University of South Dakota visited Dublin City University on 14 May as part of VOX-Pol’s student outreach. The students are enrolled in a University of South Dakota module on ‘Radicalism and Revolutions,’ which has a specific focus on the Irish War of Independence in the early 20th Century ...
New research opportunities with VOX-Pol
May 15, 2015
VOX-Pol is offering opportunities for researchers working in Violent Online Political Extremism to further expand and strengthen their research careers under its Researcher Exchange Programme. The Programme enables scientific visits and research stays in a partner institution within the VOX-Pol network. Opportunities are available for those at the early stages of their career as well as established researchers as ...
Telling it straight on countering violent online extremism
May 11, 2015
Millions of Euro are being pumped into producing online content aimed at preventing young people from being drawn into extremist activities via the Internet, especially via social media content consumption and interaction. Orla Lehane, a PhD candidate at Dublin City University’s School of Law and Government, is utilising Grounded Theory methods to explore whether on ...
VOX-Pol participates in Canada’s Kanishka Project Symposium
April 13, 2015
VOX-Pol participated in the Public Safety Canada Kanishka Project Symposium held in Ottawa, Canada from 30-31 March 2015. The Symposium surveyed social media/online-based research conducted under the Kanishka Project, a Canadian government initiative to invest in research on terrorism and counter-terrorism. The Symposium assessed what has been learned during the project, particularly in relation to ...
Fellowship Programme on Violent Online Political Extremism
April 13, 2015
Call for Expressions of Interest VOX-Pol is an EU FP7-funded Network of Excellence that integrates the world’s leading researchers and research groups in Violent Online Political Extremism. The network includes those researching the intersection of terrorism and the Internet (incl. violent jihadists, violent separatists, etc.), the online activities of the extreme left and the extreme ...
VOX-Pol is on YouTube
March 20, 2015
VOX-Pol has launched a YouTube channel that collects video material related to violent online political extremism. Some of the videos on the channel are VOX-Pol’s own material such as British blogger and social media analyst Eliot Higgins’ (aka Brown Moses) public lecture in Dublin organised by VOX-Pol; discussions at the Panel on Monitoring the Net ...
‘Islamic State’ has mastered the use of social media for recruitment: VOX-Pol Research Fellow Nico Prucha
March 19, 2015
“The self-proclaimed ‘Islamic State’ has mastered the use of social media outlets for its most strategic purpose: to indoctrinate, radicalise and subsequently recruit online consumers while projecting a ‘new Sunni Muslim’ role model and way of life”, VOX-Pol Research Fellow Dr Nico Prucha has said. Dr Prucha was talking to a packed audience at the International ...
Open, multi-stakeholder discussions necessary to tackle use of social media as a recruitment tool for radical groups
March 16, 2015
Social media companies, law enforcement agencies and free speech activists all agree that open discussions among them are useful and necessary in dealing with the issue of social media being used as a recruitment tool by violent radical groups such as ISIS, VOX-Pol’s Dr. Maura Conway has said. Speaking to techPresident shortly after conclusion of ...
Agenda: Workshop on the role of social media and internet companies in responding to violent online extremism
March 4, 2015
The workshop format is designed to encourage dialogue and debate. In order to do so, each session will begin with 3-4 participants offering opening remarks of approximately 10 minutes to help frame the discussion, overview current policy or practice, offer a specific case study or example, present recent research findings, outline a current advocacy campaign ...